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Jukebox Party Hire

When it comes to hiring entertainment at a party, it can often be an expensive ordeal that amounts to nothing but a bad DJ or a band that can't play. Mistakes such as this can ruin almost any party, and many people are looking for alternative ideas not only to make everyone happy, but also to save money and avoid unnecessary expenses. Today, a popular alternative is jukebox party hire. This gives everyone the chance to be DJ, the music's great, and most importantly it has a volume control and power switch!

Surprisingly, many people often overlook jukebox party hire, even though a jukebox is something many of us use every day when we socialize. We all know that a good jukebox adds to the atmosphere, gives everyone the chance to enjoy music and it can also be an electronic DJ. For the most part even though jukebox party hire can fulfil many of your requirements for entertainment, it's still overlooked in favour of bands and DJ's which can cost three times as much.

Today, jukebox party hire is affordable and the range of jukeboxes available means that you can have all sorts of music playing. In fact, you could even have a Karaoke night if you took advantage of jukebox party hire! It certainly makes for an unforgettable experience, and the great thing is with jukebox party hire you can customize everything. This means that you really can have a great birthday party or wedding as you can slip in your own music from times gone by, or ensure that only today's most popular hits are on the list.

With the age of digital storage, jukeboxes can now hold huge amounts of music. There are jukeboxes available for hire which have well in excess of 30,000 songs! If your guests can't find something they like in a digital jukebox collection, then it's either switched off or on mute! Today's high tech jukeboxes are also as beautiful as ever, with many classical reproductions available for jukebox party hire.

The popular Wurlitzer style jukebox is a good example of a jukebox that's been around for decades. It's also one of the most popular jukebox party hire machines because it looks fantastic, and you can find them with digital displays or alternatively, old fashioned displays which look like something from your childhood!

Across the UK, there are countless companies offering jukebox hire. The great thing is that once you hire the jukebox, it's normally delivered, installed and set up for your event. Normally the price you pay includes insurance and everything else, which means all you need to do, is to decide on some tunes and enjoy the music.

Jukebox hire is becoming more popular every day thanks to the ease of use, affordability and convenience of a jukebox. There are no upset guests, there's a power button and most importantly, rental starts at around 200 per 24 hours. Compared to the price of hiring a band or a DJ, it's an absolute bargain and it even looks good too!

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