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Second Hand Jukebox

Jukeboxes have always been incredibly expensive, with new machines costing around 3000 or more. With many jukeboxes now going digital, this technology can be just as expensive meaning that for the average bar or club owner, it's simply too much when compared to renting. However, today, rental is neither cheap nor flexible and as a result more and more people are looking for second hand jukeboxes for sale. Luckily however, there's a great range available and whether it's a 1950's Wurlitzer or a second hand digital jukebox, there are all sorts of second hand jukeboxes for sale. The only thing you need to do is to know what you want and where to get a good deal.

Buying a jukebox can be an expensive investment and it doesn't always pay off. Many bars and clubs see rentals as the cheapest way, but the reality is that many tie you into a one year or a two year contract! Because of this, your rental fees may very well work out to be the same as buying second hand jukeboxes for sale! With a second hand jukebox, you have a machine that's actually paid for meaning that the profits always 100% yours. Other than licensing fees, power bills and music charges, there's nothing else to pay.

When it comes to looking for second hand jukeboxes for sale, a good place to start is to speak with jukebox rental companies, because many jukebox rental firms have second hand jukeboxes for sale which is available to purchase, fully refurbished, ready for sale. When a new jukebox can cost in excess of 3000 for just a basic model, second hand jukeboxes for sale are much more affordable with prices starting from 1000.

However while it's easy to buy second hand jukeboxes for sale, it's important to realize that there are additional fees to consider. These typically include a license from your local council as well as a license from the performing rights society. Some rental companies include the PRS license with rentals, but if you buy a machine, you will have to ensure all fees are paid and that it's fully licensed.

Today, many people looking for second hand jukeboxes for sale are not just bars and clubs, but also home owners and collectors. It's surprising how much fun one can have with a jukebox and it really does liven up any special occasion. The great thing about a second hand jukebox is that if it's for your home, then there are no licensing considerations as long as there are no public performances.

The great thing about buying a jukebox is that you can customize it to have whatever songs you want and most importantly, 100% of the profit is yours. Unlike jukebox rental which costs a monthly fee or profit share, you're in full control of the machine to set pricing, songs and even more. Taking advantage of second hand jukeboxes for sale is a great way to enjoy quality entertainment, without paying through the roof.

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